135 CAMPAIGN/EDITORIAL DESIGN BRIEF: Llanishen Reservoir is a Victorian body of water in Cardiff that has been under threat of redevelopment for the past 13 years. In January 2016 it was announced that the plans of redevelopment have officially ended, but having fought for so long, local residents have become apathetic to the good news. Create a pack to deliver as a thank you to supporters, reminding them of Llanishen's history and charm. CONCEPT: Llanishen Reservoir is 135 years old, so the concept behind the pack was to focus on the history and the tumultuous journey it has been through. The main book, '135' , is a timeline of the reservoirs history. It chronicles key events with a colour coded system - the darker the shade of blue the more negative impact it had. The intention of creating such a weighty book with every of the 135 years having it's own page was to create a physical reminder of just how long the reservoir has been around for to emphasise the tragedy of this history being taken away. Each page has been french folded with images of the reservoir printed on the inside. The idea behind this is that the struggle to see the image represents the struggle that the reservoir has been through. The trio of booklets are a series of personal memories relating to three main aspects of the reservoir; sailing, nature and water. Each has been named after someone who has fond memories of Llanishen in its heyday. I believed it was important after such a long time of fighting legal battles to refocus on the personal charm of the reservoir. Each booklet has a series of photos that I personally took with a simplistic format of descriptions relating to the three themes accompanying the images.
copyright Beth Luscombe 2016