PENTAPIC BRANDING AND PACKAGING/ STARPACK COMPETITION BRIEF: Create a packaging solution allowing customers to carry a minimum of three food and/or drink items to a barbecue CONCEPT: PICK'N'MIX Every person has a different idea as to what foods make up the perfect barbecue so Pentapic allows consumers to choose the five food items plus a drink that they prefer BRITISH WEATHER We all know that UK weather is not the most reliable so Pentapic has been designed for a spur of the moment, all-in-one solution that consumers can buy the day that the sun shines PLAYFUL Bright colours and original patterns make Pentapic fit in with a sunny day CONVENIENT A fabric carrying strap makes Pentapic easy to carry to the beach, park or your own garden, and the kit even includes a disposable barbecue at the base so everything you need is included in one go
copyright Beth Luscombe 2016